Directory Corrections/Additions

Any changes you make to your listing through the admin panel will be reflected in the online A to Z directory within 24 to 72 hours.

You can make changes to your listing at any time throughout the year.

Getting started
There are three parts to updating your directory information: people information, organization information, and reviewing your information. The following is our suggested workflow, but it is not necessary to follow this order.

Step 1: Edit People. 
In this section you will review information for each individual in your organization. Some of this information is being pulled from the PeopleSoft database, so you may have to work with your human resource database/PeopleSoft liaison to update this information. The fields are marked so it will be easy for you to see which information you can edit here and which information you will need to edit in PeopleSoft. 

Step 2: Edit Organizations. 
In this section you can organize people within your department, add subunits to your department, and change information associated with your department and subunits. The changes you make in this step will have the most impact on how your listing appears in the A to Z directory.

Step 3: Review Your Listings.
Once you have made all your changes you can review your listing to catch any errors or changes you forgot to make. If you find you need to make more changes, no problem, just go back to the appropriate section, make your change, and review your listing again.

Directory Admin Panel
To get to the admin panel follow the link below. To access the admin panel you will need your IdentiKey login and password. If you do not know what your IdentiKey is you can call ITS at 5-HELP to request it. Your IdentiKey is the same username you use to access CULink and CUConnect. If you need authorization to access the admin panel and update your department information, contact Vicki Czech at

Please click here to access the A to Z directory admin panel.